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Mini Sprinkler Irrigation

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  • Sprinkler irrigation is a flexible system that can be used to supply adequate moisture for plant growth, as well as for frost control or crop cooling during heat waves. The system can be used for the application of pesticides and fertilisers and more recently, the application of waste-water to crops and turfgrass. The growth in adoption of sprinkler technology depends primarily on the economic and environmental benefits of the system in comparison to other irrigation methods. Sprinkler systems are currently being used for a wide variety of crops such as fruit trees, vines and vegetables, broadacre crops and pasture, and on a wide range of soil types and topography
  • It is the improved version of traditional high volume metal sprinklers.
  • It is a mixed system where main & sub main pipeline are permanently fixed, where as the field unit are foldable using compression fittings, low discharge plastic nozzles & tubing.
  • It is the most popular in the areas having sufficient water quantity, Sandy soil type & cropping pattern of close spacing field crops like Potato, Ground nut, Fodder grass etc.
  • It has advantage of smaller droplet size during sprinkling gives lower impact on soil particles or delicate plant leaves.

Main Feature

  • Ensure Constant Flow Rate under the most challenging topographical condition
  • Low irrigation application rate with gentle droplets- prevents run off on non penetrable soil.
  • Plastic nozzle having low discharge & lower impact effect with fine droplet size & uniform distribution.
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